Choosing the Right Colours for Your Interior

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neil hayes1

Here at Neil Hayes Painting & Decorating LTD, we understand the importance of interior design and how it can have an impact and create an atmosphere in a room. Although you may not realise it, certain colours can trigger various feelings, or give off a type of atmosphere, which makes some colours more suited to particular rooms than others. For example, in places like your living room and bedroom, you may want it to feel a little more cosy, or perhaps in some rooms, you want to create more of an open space and make the area look bigger.

We provide our reliable painting and decorating service to clients in and around the area of Wirral, but if you live outside of that area, we still want to offer our help and advice. So, here are a few tips on how to choosing the right colours for your home interior!


Increasing appetite

In rooms such as your dining room and kitchen, where food is prepared and consumed, it would make sense to decorate the interior in a way that will increase appetite. The colour most notorious for increasing appetite is red, and if you look you will notice that red is used in lots of restaurants, brands and packaging of food, and logos of popular food chains, for this very reason. Red is known for raising a person’s blood pressure and heart rate, which as a result can increase hunger.

You can incorporate the colour red into your kitchen and dining room as subtly or intense as you would like. For example, you may paint your kitchen walls red, or just have something as simple as red food mats on your dinner table. As long as the colour is present in some way, even if just through accessories, it will have the desired effect as well as look pretty great, too!


Making the place more relaxed

As we briefly mentioned earlier, there are certain rooms in your house that you want to feel more cosy and relaxed in than others. An example of this could be your living room. This tends to be the place where you go to wind down and relax, so creating the right atmosphere is key. You can do this through picking the right colours used in the interior design. Warm tones and autumnal colours, such as oranges, browns and yellows, are often associated with feeling cosy and relaxed, making them the perfect colours to use in your living room. This can be quite broad too, as there are so many different shades and tones to choose from so you can make sure it’s something you like and that really suits your home. These warm tones go extremely well together, so you can certainly explore with the design and intertwining it all.


Creating more space

Light colours often create the illusion of more space and make rooms appear bigger than they actually are. White, cream, and pale blue or grey are some of the best colours to create this effect. For example, if you painted all of the walls in a light colour like this, it will instantly appear bigger, as darker colours absorb more light and feel a bit more closed up. Furthermore, these are also very easy colours to work with as they match just about anything, so you can accessorise with just about any colour you like no matter how big and bold, and you can also add all kinds of furniture without fear of it clashing with the design.


Feeling cleaner

In bathrooms in particular, we want it to feel like a clean, open and fresh space. The perfect colour to translate this, is blue. Any tone of blue will make the place feel clean and fresh, as it often represents cleanliness. For example, you may also notice that a lot of cleaning brands have blue in the logo, or sell their products in blue bottles and packaging. You may also want to incorporate some blue into your kitchen, as this is another space where cleanliness is very important.

For more information and advice on interior design and choosing the perfect colours for your home, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help. Whether you are just in need of some guidance or want to book for one of our services, we will be able to provide to your very needs!

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