10 Interior Design Tips From Industry Experts

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When we’re looking to give our home a fresh new look, we might have plenty of ideas in theory but, when it comes down to it, we might not be completely sure how to pull it together in the way we pictured. Of course, interior design is a skill that many learn over time, so where better to get a little advice from some of the most famous interior design masters?


Here are 10 interior design tips from top interior design experts!


  1. Darren Palmer, The Interior Design Institute


“Start with the end in mind. Know what you are trying to achieve by setting a brief, getting clear on what the mood and style needs to be and building a visual representation of your objective so you have something both written and visual to refer to. You’ll stay on track, on brief and end up with a result that you’ve planned from the beginning.”


  1. Gurjeet Hunjan, Boscolo Interior Design


“Plan, plan and plan! Always produce scaled plan drawings and set out every single item. It will tell you everything you need to know about how the space will function at a very early stage. If you’re spending the money, you should get it right from the offset. We plan down to the finite detail – we want to know how far you have to stretch for the bedside light switch. Detail is everything.”


  1. Cristian Zuzunaga, Zuzunaga Textiles & Homeware


“When you first move to a new place, I would start by having an inspiration session with some friends. Find people you trust and love, as they will most certainly give you good advice based on what they know about you and how they envisage the space will work for you. It’s really important when designing a new scheme.”


  1. Linda Merrill, Linda Merill Decorative Surroundings


“Accessories, art, plants and flowers bring life to any room! Always keep a little in the budget reserved for these finishing touches. Otherwise, even a space with the most beautiful furnishings will look like a showroom, not a living room.”


  1. Kishani Perera, Kishani Perera Interior Design


“Add unexpected elements to your home by using traditional pieces in a new and interesting way. For example, turn a vintage cabinet, or antique trolley into your new bathroom vanity to bring personality to your space.”


  1. Kristina Lindhe, Lexington Company


“Take inspiration from nature and try to adapt your scheme by picking out colours from the seasons. It’s an easy way to instantly refresh your home. You should mix in on-trend pieces or colours with your classic style, too, to always keep things interesting and eye-catching!”


  1. Victoria Bain, Embroidery & Textiles Designer


“Always make your scheme personal and remember those key accent pieces that tie a look together. My favourite trend of the moment is charred finishes alongside warm metallics. Inspired by the ancient art of Japanese scorching timber, burnt finishes are coming to the forefront.”


  1. Geraldine Tan, Little Big Bell


“Don’t be frightened to add colour into your space. It’s not all about painting large walls. Think about accent colours, like painting a small area at the back of a shelf or a stool to add visual pops of colour. Decorate with colourful accessories against a neutral backdrop until you feel confident of what your personal colour palette is.”


  1. Meg Caswell, HGTV Design Star Winner


“Always start with the rug when designing a room! You will only have a few rugs that you fall in love with but there will be dozens of paint colours and fabrics you will love. So, start with the rug and then select your paints and fabrics. It makes for a much easier process! You won’t be searching forever for the right rug to fit into the rest of the room and then end up compromising your design because of it.”


  1. Zoe Brewer, My Interior Stylist


“For a speedy, low cost makeover, you can’t beat a bit of paint. Change a room dramatically, but painting from white to a dark grey or blue in a tone that fits with your furniture. Add in a couple of bright cushions and you’ll have a whole new look on a tiny budget and over a weekend!”


So, there you have it! Hopefully, this should provide you with a little much-needed inspiration ahead of your new makeover project.


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