4 Signs Your Home Needs Repainting

neil h3

neil h3

Over time, everything is prone to wear and damage. Some things are significantly worse than others, but it’s the smaller problems that tend to get swept under the carpet and left. This means that odd jobs, turn into something that requires quite a bit more work, and one of these things is painting. You may notice signs that walls within your home need to be repainted or are starting to fade, but a lot of the time we subconsciously ignore this, and as a result it tends to get worse.

Being able to tell that something needs to be repainted doesn’t require the eye of a professional. The signs are pretty obvious and easy to spot, and the sooner you get it sorted, the less of a problem it turns out to be. To help you out, we’ve come up with four ways to spot that your home needs repainting.



When you get cracks in paint it becomes noticeable fairly quickly, as it appears as a bit of an eyesore. It’s quite common on things like door frames, as well as corners of the wall. Cracks in the paint usually require a little more urgency than other signs of your interior needing to be repainted, as the cracks can actually present risk of water seeping through and getting behind the boards, which can cause significant damage if not treated or prevented in plenty of time. We strongly advise that as soon as you notice cracks in the paint, you check for any damage and get it repainted as soon as you can. Although it may seem like a hassle at the time, it will save you from much bigger and more expensive outcomes if you choose to leave it.



It’s only natural that over time, paint begins to fade. This can happen more quickly in some environments than others. For example, if you have a painted wall that is in the sun a lot, this will cause the paint to fade quicker than somewhere in your home that is fully shaded and doesn’t see any sunlight. Paint isn’t just used for decorative purposes, but it is also almost like a protective layer to what lies underneath. Therefore, as paint fades, there is less protection. So, when you start to really notice that the paint is fading, you should consider repainting it at the earliest convenience, as this will not only look better on your interior design, but also reduce risk of damage to your walls.



Like cracks in paint, peeling is very noticeable, and it doesn’t look pleasant. The worst thing about peeling paint is really that it does not give a good impression on your interior design, and appears quite scruffy and old. If you leave the peeling to manifest, it can eventually put your walls at risk of damage. Furthermore, like with fading, exposure to a lot of sunlight or even cold weather can make the peeling happen a lot more quickly.


Scuffs and marks

Our walls are prone to scuffs and marks over time. This can happen for all kinds of reasons, such as if you have children, if you bash things against it like furniture, and simply if you touch it a lot. Some marks can just be cleaned off, but when there is a build up and your wall hasn’t been painted for a few years, they can be hard to cover up, and almost turn into stains. This makes the walls look dirty, and sometimes the best solution is to treat it with a new layer of paint. Not only will this cover up the marks, but it will make the place look brand new.


If you have any enquiries or would like us to help with the painting around your interior, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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