Building & Maintenance: How We Can Help

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neil hayes2

It’s only natural that from time to time, you will encounter problems within your home that require the help of professionals to get it fixed up and fully functioning as soon as possible. Quite often when these problems occur, we tend to panic a little, and don’t really know what to do. One piece of advice that we would give you, is to contact the necessary point of help as soon as possible, so that the problem can be solved quickly and there are no dangers presented.

Here at Neil Hayes Painting & Decorating Ltd, one of the areas we specialise in is building and maintenance. These are a few of the ways we can help you!



An area that we focus our work in is joinery. This involves fixing and fitting things like wooden floors, door frames, staircases, window frames and much more. So, if you experience issues with anything like this within your household, such as damage, or need for replacement, this is where we come in. We will assess the damage or take request for a new piece to be fitted, and carry out the appropriate procedure ensuring that the framework is strong and sturdy and designed how you would like it.



Plumbing problems always tend to occur when you’re least expecting it, and a lot of the time, people aren’t prepared and don’t know how to deal with it. With plumbing, the key is to contact a professional as soon as you notice a problem, as some can actually become pretty serious, pretty quickly. All main features in our bathrooms and kitchens are fairly important, and so when something can goes wrong, things can get pretty tricky, and really be of quite an inconvenience to you.

Some of the more common problems you may encounter include blocked pipes, leaking taps, low water pressure, slow draining sinks and bath drains and much more. All of these become noticeable rather quickly, and it’s clear that something isn’t right. We always advise you to contact a local plumber straight away, so that they can find out what’s causing the issue, and get it fixed.



Our walls and ceilings quite literally hold our entire house together, and so it’s only natural that they are treated with care and regularly checked and maintained. Plastering can be necessary for both decorative and practical purposes. If you feel it is time for a bit of a redesign, getting your walls plastered is a great way to get started and prepare it for some new and professional decorating. It ensures that the whole surface is strong, clean, smooth and prepared to act as a substantial base to any painting and decorating. Furthermore, you may require the help of a plasterer if you notice any damage in the surface or a wall or ceiling, that needs to be filled or covered over properly.


General maintenance

Joinery, plumbing and plastering are the three main areas of maintenance that we focus and categorise our work into here at Neil Hayes Painting & Decorating. It helps our customers to find exactly what they are looking for and be assured that we are capable and appropriate for the job.

However, we are also based around painting and decorating, and so any general maintenance in the decorative side of things that needs a little assistance is a job that we can adhere to. Whether it’s a complete redesign of your entire home, or a little touch up in your living room, we can provide the appropriate service to help you.


For more information or if you require our services, we would be more than happy to help. Simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be able to offer and help or advice you may need.

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