Colour Schemes We Are Loving at The Moment

neil h5

neil h5

Interior design is ever-changing, with new and exciting trends coming into fashion and becoming popular all the time. One thing we like to experiment with most in interior design, is colour schemes. This allows for so much freedom and creativity and can really change up the dynamics of a room. Whilst preferences in colour schemes are quite subjective, there are definitely trends and particular combinations that work extremely well and prove to be very popular in the world of interior design.

So, here are a few colour schemes that we are loving at the moment!


Pastel colours

The great thing about pastel colours is that they are subtle, but noticeable. They will without doubt make the room a little more lively by adding a burst of colour and character, and it gives the place a revamp. You will often find that pastel tones are also very homely and make you feel quite relaxed and cosy.

We find pastel colours to be mostly prominent in kitchens now, as this is a particularly interesting place to add colour and make it personalised to you. Whether you paint the walls in pastel colours, or have pastel cupboard doors, or incorporate the colours through kitchen facilities such as toasters, kettles and microwaves, they are really fun and exciting tones to use in interior design and make it feel more homely.

The two most common shades of pastel colours, are pale pink and baby blue. Although these types of colours work in just about any scenario, a lot of people like to theme bedrooms when they are expecting a baby, in line with the gender of the baby. Pastel pink and blue are perfect for baby rooms, and make it appear fresh and ready to welcome the new part of your family.


Dark greens

Recently, we have really been loving deep, bold, dark greens, and it seems a lot of other people are enjoying experimenting with these tones, too. Dark greens are actually quite luxurious, intense, and classy. This could match well if you have indoor plants, as it means you can create a bit of a theme have these types of colours running elsewhere in the room. Perhaps there is an accent wall in your living room for example; you could paint this a dark green colour to add a pop and create a focal point, as well as the perfect blend with your interior accessories. As these green tones aren’t bright, they don’t necessarily ‘stand out’ and create a lot of noise, but instead they often blend in quite well and create a more relaxed vibe.



In 2019, people are loving coral and we can certainly get on board with it! It’s such a unique and eye-catching colour that can really bring the inside of your home to life. Coral has the perfect balance of being bright and bold, but also easily matched with neutral colours so that you don’t have to take a massive step out of your comfort zone to make it work. You can incorporate coral into your interior design in all kinds of ways, whether it’s painting the walls or parts of them, or making it prominent in furniture or accessories such as cushions , lamps, coasters and much more. You can also create a coral theme through using pink and orange tones, which allows you to get extra creative and maybe even be a little quirky, for example you could paint one of your walls stripey.


Black & white

Perhaps the most traditional and common of all colour schemes, black and white is a timeless classic combination, and one that can actually create a really big impact. Black is quite a statement colour, and so you can use this combination in all kinds of ways and scenarios to create the impact and feel that you want. Black and white together are actually very dramatic, but give the room an element of sophistication and class. It’s a good colour scheme if you are trying to make your home look modern or outline certain rooms and parts of the house. It’s a very sharp and clean combination, and so it takes some careful consideration to decide how you want these colours intertwined or dominating your interior design.

Professional decorators, such as ourselves, are always here to offer advice and ideas on how you could decorate your home’s interior elegantly and impressively. Although this colour scheme may require a little more thought and consideration than others, it’s a fantastic way to liven up your home and create impact. After all, you can’t go wrong with a bit of black and white, right?!

For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us about our painting and decorating services, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!

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