Decorating Your Home with Autumnal Colours

neil h8

neil h8

Autumnal colours and themes are extremely popular, in all kinds of different ways. It is all based around beautiful and calming warm tones, that bring a new lease of life to anything and make you feel cosy and relaxed. A lot of people like to switch up their interior design during autumn, so that they can incorporate these colours, usually through things like accessories. However, have you ever considered using autumnal colours in your interior design for all year round? There all kinds of different ways to experiment, and we thought we would give you a few ideas of ways you can decorate your home with autumnal colours…



If you are looking to temporarily make your home look and feel autumnal throughout the season, the best way to do this is through accessories. Think things like cushions, bedding, ornaments, lighting. Making simple changes to things around your house can make a big difference. Perhaps in your living room you could replace the cushions on the sofa with warm toned alternatives, and put down a temporary rug to match with this. Accessorising with autumnal colours really has no limits and allows you to get creative and experiment to create the right kind of vibe for your home. Furthermore, with accessories, they are only temporary, so you really can just theme your home for the duration of autumn if that’s what you would prefer. 


Change the colour scheme

Autumnal themes are entirely based around colours. It is the stunning orange, yellow, red and green tones that create a real autumnal sort of atmosphere. All of these gorgeous, muted warm tones will bring your home to life and make for a really relaxing and sometimes striking colour scheme. Another great thing about having an autumnal based colour scheme, is that it is actually really welcoming and homely. Therefore, this could be perfect for places such as your living room and hallway, where you might welcome more guests and also spend more time relaxing with family. Furthermore, you can really make your colour scheme what you want due to the huge variety of different shades and tones that enable you to make the theme as loud or subtle as you would like.


Think textures

Although autumnal colours are a big part of creating this sort of vibe, you can also incorporate textures and prints to bring this to life even more. Autumn is not only characterised by colour, but also things like wooden textures, that make it feel quite outdoorsy, and natural. Autumnal themes tend to look very rustic, and it is through adding textured accents and accessories that you can really emphasise this. Another thing often associated with autumnal themes, are animal patterns and prints (usually animals such as zebras, giraffes and elephants). You could even get animal ornaments to accompany the overall look. Furthermore, this adds to the sort of naturistic and outdoorsy kind of vibe. 


Bright colour against plain backgrounds

You can actually decorate your home with autumnal colours in very subtle ways. For example, you might have a room that is quite plain and consists of subtle colours like cream, white and grey. You can leave this as it is, but just add a few bursts of bright autumnal colours, like oranges and yellows. This still keeps the overall colour scheme quite plain and simple, but these colours really stand out and create the desired effect. 

These are just a few ways you can use autumnal colours to decorate your home. For more information and advice, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!

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