Hire a Decorator to Bring Your B&B to Life

neil h10

neil h10

As a B&B owner, you want to provide a comfortable, stylish and homely environment for your guests, and a lot of this comes from the way the room is designed. Everybody likes to book a little trip away, and you could have guests staying at your B&B for all kinds of different reasons. No matter why people choose to book a stay with you, you want to provide a bit of luxury, and a nice comfortable environment for them to enjoy. 

Hiring an interior designer to redecorate your B&B can really bring it to life, and we thought we’d tell you a few reasons why this might be something you should consider…


A professional service

Hiring a decorator to enhance and transform your B&B is a great idea, as they provide a professional service. Like ourselves, decorators have many years of experience and can use their knowledge to advise you on changes, updates and designs that would look perfect inside your property. Not only can a decorator provide you with his professional advice, but they will also carry out the work to a very high, professional level, and complete the project to a high standard. 


Increased appeal to guests

When you advertise your B&B anywhere, you will use photographs to show people the property when they are looking to book. People are influenced by pictures a lot, and so if you hire a decorator to upgrade your B&B with modern and stunning designs, showing this through your advertising will help to boost appeal to guests, and therefore increase bookings. 


Passionate about the project

Speaking on behalf of ourselves here at Neil Hayes Painting & Decorating Ltd, we are passionate about every project that we take on, and will put 110% into the planning process all the way through to the end design. It is extremely important to us that our clients are happy with the vision we have and the work that we produce. We can bring your B&B to life with your approval along every step of the way.


Set your own budget

Hiring a decorator does not mean that your costs will drastically change. In fact, you can set whatever budget you’d like, and the decorator will work with this and ensure that you’re being supplied with the best service, products and materials but without going over your budget. 


Access to suppliers and materials

Hiring a decorator to redesign your B&B means that they will have access to the very best suppliers and materials. This means your B&B will be kitted out with the latest designs and the highest quality materials, leaving your guests impressed and enjoying a comfortable stay in a nice, modernised and homely room.

For more information and advice or if you would like to book us to redecorate your B&B, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!

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