Top Five Tips For Planning A Home Makeover

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Every home needs a little update every now and then. A home makeover can transform not just the way your home looks, but feels, too. It’s a great way to refresh your space and make it yours, keeping it up to date with your current interior design tastes. However, it’s by no means a small task – and this can often put people off from attempting to makeover their homes at all.

That said, it doesn’t need to be quite so complicated! Keeping a few handy tips in mind, you can transform your space with little stress involved.

Here are our top five tips for planning a home makeover.

Start With A Budget

One of the aspects of home makeovers which often keeps homeowners from taking on this project is the idea that you’d need a huge budget in order to pull it off, and that costs may skyrocket during the work. By budgeting carefully before you start, you can keep these worries at bay.

Before you even begin to plan exactly what you’ll do with each room, sit down and come up with a reasonable budget for the work. It’s best to first establish a budget for the project as a whole – how much will your makeover cost overall?

Once you’ve come up with a figure that you’re happy to spend on the project in its entirety, ‘share’ this budget between each room. Some rooms will be more costly to refurbish than others, so do a little research to work out how much your more expensive renovations will set you back (kitchen/bathroom installations, etc.), then use the remaining money between rooms such as your living room and bedrooms, which will likely need less extensive work.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try A Whole New Look

Part of the fun of a home makeover is being able to give your space a complete transformation. Don’t be afraid to try out styles and designs that you’ve never looked into before!

Spend some time online looking into the most current interior design trends (we actually have a compilation of 2020’s top interior design trends right here on our blog) or into styles that you’ve always wished you could try out in your home.

There’s a whole range of different trends and looks out there that others are using to update their homes, so looking at some of these other home makeovers is the perfect place to start gathering inspiration and ideas for your own project.

Sometimes a creative new look is exactly what you need to refresh your space and give you that ‘new home’ feeling, so why not go all out?

Get Creative With Mood Boards

When looking to refresh the rooms in your home, the best way to create a vision for how you want them to look is to create a visual reference first. By creating a mood board, you’ll be able to see how all the different aspects that you’re looking to introduce for each room will tie together.

This can be done as a physical mood board or can be done digitally, but having this visual reference will help you to get a feel for how each room will look – and it’s a handy reference to have when explaining your vision to the contractors who will be helping you.

Start by identifying a great colour scheme for each space. By searching ‘colour palette’ online, followed by the room that you’re designing, you’ll be able to get a look at some of the current most popular colour schemes for home makeovers, as well as examples of how they all tie together as a finished product. This is also a good first step when choosing wallpaper for your room, too.

After you’ve got your colour scheme, you can look at all the other aspects of your new design, such as soft furnishings and wall décor. Putting all of this together on a mood board will give you a great idea of how it will all tie in once the makeover is complete!

Research Contractors Ahead Of Time

Most home makeovers will need a little help from the professionals, so you should research any contractors you might need to use far in advance.

If you’re looking to enlist the help of a company to install a new kitchen or bathroom, build a conservatory or, in the case of Neil Hayes Painting & Decorating, get a beautiful finish on your wallpaper and painting, then it’s always best to seek out these companies a few months before the date when you intend to start your makeover project.

By researching into contractors far in advance, you’ll be able to ensure you are happy with the service they provide, get a quote that you can refer to in your budget and secure the date when they’ll complete the work.

Outsourcing your project to professionals will give you the peace of mind that your makeover will be carried out to a high standard, and securing these professionals early on will relieve you of a lot of your makeover-related stress – so you can get on with the fun, creative parts!

Have Soft Furnishings Ready To Go

The most satisfying part of completing a home makeover is seeing how it all ties together and getting to enjoy your fresh new space.

In the months and weeks running up to your makeover dates, start getting all your soft furnishings and finishing touches together ahead of time. Cushions, bedding, ornaments, mirrors and curtains all have a huge role to play in the finished look and feel of a freshly-decorated room, so being able to put all these into your space at once will give you that great ‘new look’ feeling – it’ll make all your hard work feel worth it!

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